Ever-So-Glittery Green Pink Unicorn Backpack Of Premium Quality

Unicorn Backpack - OES-K-0003
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Product Description

Who doesn’t want to flaunt around a good backpack that is so vibrant in appearance and colorful in nature? We sure do! Be it any age, there is always a never-ending love for everything shimmery. And this can just be the perfect accessory that you can add up to your collection of everyday utilities and you’ll never go back to block color backpacks ever again!

The shimmery finish you just need

The glossy pink finish with a touch of green that shines every time you’re on the outdoors is something that can instantly catch eyes, hold attention, and makes the heart go fast. Just everything you need in one.

Perfect for kids

Still buying old-school print designs for your kids? Make them extra happy with the magic of unicorns and let them play in a world of fantasy. Trust us, they’ll go endlessly flaunting their backpack to their fellow peers and never get enough of it!

Premium quality

Made with a mix of fabric and cotton to give you a fine-textured finish and it is also made from materials that are extremely durable. So, worry not. Once you get this one on your hands, it’s definitely going to be a long while before you think about the next!

Wash it by hand

The exteriors are made to withstand the accumulation of dust, dirt, or grimes. You can simply wash it by hand in cold water if at all you stained it up.

Budget backpack

Deemed the best in the bags sector and completely justifies the cost it comes at. What are you waiting for? Grab this one today before stocks run out!

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