Green Pink Unicorn Backpack With Glossy Glitter Premium Outlook

Unicorn Backpack - OES-K-0002
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Product Description

This limited edition unicorn backpack might be just what you need to add a range of colors to your everyday accessory. Or better, if you have a kid in the house, this bag might be everything they’ve ever wanted to stand out from their peers and flaunt a touch of vibrance wherever they go!

Who doesn’t love glitters?

The shimmery exterior of this backpack can make you instantly fall in love with it. The touch, feel, and experience of this everyday utility is just as better as it can get and once you have this with you, there’s just no going back to plain colors!

Premium quality

Made with a mix of fabric and cotton to give you a fine-textured finish and it is also made from materials that are extremely durable. So, worry not. Once you get this one on your hands, it’s definitely going to be a long while before you think about the next!

Durable with easy wash directions

Looking to use this one for a long time? You can go for it blindfolded and even if by chance you stain it up a bit, you can simply put it in cold water and hand-wash it gently to get rid of any dirt, dust, or grimes.


This is a limited edition and you can simply stand out from the rest by adding this to your collection immediately!

Budget backpack

Deemed the best in the bags sector and completely justifies the cost it comes at. What are you waiting for? Grab this one today before stocks run out!

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