10” Portable LED Ring Light With Stand حلقة ضوء مع الستاند

Ring Light 10" with Stand - OES-D-0005

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Product Description

Looking for that perfect ring light that can make your vlogs, photoshoots or videos look just better? This one would be your perfect fit. Use it for any makeup videos, live streams, webinars, TikToks, photoshoots, videography, and what not?

Diverse compatability

This high-power ring light is universally adaptable with any USB-compatible device like laptops, AC adapters, power banks, PCs, etc.

All the colours you want at perfect resolutions

High power LED light designed with 220pcs around the ring with temperature adjustments 3400K to 5600K with just a twist of the thumb. This LED is also dimmable and you can take full control of the brightness by setting it at the perfect resolutions that satisfy your light requirement.

Ready to install

Comes with an adjustable stand that you can comfortably position at your desired heights. You can even choose to place the light at a minimum height of even two feet thus making it a comfortable tabletop accessory that you can use for all your vlogs.

Flexible integrated phone holder

The phone holder is simple to use and can be expanded at the ends to fit any phone of any size up to even 6 inches onto it. Warm light, daylight, and cool light modules that you can change at will, thus making it the perfect lighting accessory especially for indoor shoots.

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