HOCO DI10 Motion Detection Smart Camera كاميرا كاشف الحركة

Motion Detector Carmera - DI10

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Product Description

Looking to buy a security camera for home or office?

Check out the HOCO DI10 Motion Detector Camera is designed to act as an extra pair of eyes and ears for your property. You can install this smart camera inside the home or office for 24X7 monitoring.

Excellent design:

The HOCO DI10 Motion Detector Camera is elegantly designed. When in a seated position, the camera looks like a cute robot. You can install it on the ceiling or on the wall, and the camera can rotate 360° to get a full view of the property. You can also keep the camera on the tabletop if you are planning to move it around or monitor a specific angle.

High-end features:

The HOCO-DI10-Smart Camera is packed with several top-end features that make it one of the best options available in the market. It has multi-platform viewing, motion sensors, encryption, built-in audio amplifier, night vision mode with infrared light, alarm mobile push, and two-way voice communication.

Affordable rate:

You can’t really put a price on your family and loved one’s safety and security, but since budget is often an issue, you would be happy to know that the HOCO DI10 Motion Detector Camera comes with a reasonable price tag.

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