Mini Compact Home Sewing Machine ماكينة الخياطة

Mini compact home sewing machine - OES-H-0022

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  • Weight

    1.1 kg

  • Dimensions

    32 × 16 × 22 cm

Product Description

Planning to buy a mini sewing machine and wondering if they are worth it? If you are a budding fashion designer who likes making clothes out of their designs, having a sewing machine is necessary for you. However, if you are apprehensive about buying one, you can start with a Mini Compact Home Sewing Machine.

Easy to use

The Mini Compact Home Sewing Machine is perfect for beginners. The device comes with a double speed system – high and low. You can adjust the speed anytime pressing buttons to ensure that the stitches come evenly and perfectly. You can choose an auto-sewing mode or use a foot pedal. The foot pedal also allows you to control the speed.

Automatic bobbin rewinding

Beginners often struggle when it comes to rewinding the bobbin. The Mini Compact Home Sewing Machine makes this job easy as it comes with automatic bobbin rewinding. There is a built-in winding pole along with spool assist for rewinding the machine every time it is turned on. It also comes in handy when replacing bobbins.

Convenient and portable

The best part about the Mini Compact Home Sewing Machine is that it is compact in size. This lightweight and perfectly designed device has great portability, and you can easily store it or carry it around. It fits perfectly in large carry-on bags. That makes it super convenient. Furthermore, the device runs on both batteries and electricity. Having batteries certainly means you can do your sewing while on the go, provided you have the space for it.

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