Mist Humidifier with Star Night Light Projector

Twinkle Star Night for Bedtime Story🌟
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  • Voltage

    DC 5V

  • Select Color

    Green, Pink, white

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Product Description

Having air condition on during sleeping is inevitable in the summer heat. This humidifier will keep your kids tender skin hydrated throughout the night. And it projects night sky filled with twinkle stars. It adds to atmosphere for your enchanting bedtime stories as well.

Easy to Use:

Step 1: Open the container and fill it with water

Step 2: Soak the cotton rod into the water. Note: the mist will not be produced until the cotton rod is fully soaked.

Step 3: Connect the projector humidifier to the power


After connect the projector humidifier to the power—

To control the mist: Short press 1st time to produce continuous mist; short press 2nd time to produce interval mist; short press 3rd times to turn off the mist

To control the projector light: Long press 1st time to turn on the projector with changing lights; long press 2nd time to change to fixed lights; long press 3rd time to turn off the projector

Timer Controlled:

You can leave the projector humidifier for your little ones during their sleeping, as the humidifier is timer controlled. The continuous mist is set to be turned off after 4 hours; the interval mist is set to be turned off after 6 hours; and the projector light is set to be turned off after 3 hours.

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