HOCO W24 Earphone Gift Box 2 in 1 Headset سماعة ٢في١ مع علبة هدية

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  • Weight

    0.37 kg

  • Dimensions

    20.3 × 17.5 × 8 cm

Product Description

Hoco Two Pack Stereo Sound Headphone + Earphone

What’s better than hearing the crisp high tones of your favorite music at a perfectly balanced bass and jazz? This earphone is built and designed for the music enthusiast in you! Hoco makes it a little better with this 2-in-1 pack that comes with both a headphone and an earphone together in one. Also comes with a built-in microphone for added clarity of voice-hearing.

All the beats heard loud & clear:

Hear stereo surround in your earphone with a high tuned powerful bass, clear vocal, and perfect quality.

Best on a budget:

This pack of two in one will be your best shot at getting premium-quality earphones along with a headphone together at this price range.

Comfort on the ears:

Be it the earmuff or the buds, they are both designed for minimizing the pressure on your eardrum and maximizing comfort on the ears along with utmost noise cancellation.

3.5mm jack:

Configured to be compatible with any suitable mobile phones, tabs, or laptops.

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