HOCO W102 Gaming Headphone with LED Effect سماعة الألعاب مع شاشة LED

Immersive Workout Experience 🎧🎮
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  • Weight

    0.49 kg

  • Dimensions

    21.2 × 22.5 × 10.5 cm

  • Speaker Size


  • Frequency


  • Interface

    USB + 3.5mm Plug

  • Cable Length


  • Microphone Sensitivity


  • Microphone Size


  • Product Weight


  • Product Size

    23 x 17 x 10 cm

Product Description

Add depth and drama to your game play with these high-performance wired gaming headphones with LED lights for a futuristic look.

Brilliant audio quality

Enjoy a totally immersive audio experience with lossless sound so you can hear every detail of your gaming environment and your companions with perfect clarity. The omnidirectional microphone allows you to talk with your gaming partners with no lag.

Comfortable for extended game play

The soft padded over ear design makes this headset comfortable for hours of game play, without making your ears sweaty or hurting your head.

Compatible with all gaming consoles

The headset is compatible with all gaming consoles and is equipped with a one-to-two audio adapter cable which can be used with your PC or laptop with dual audio ports. The generous 2m length of the cable allows you freedom of movement while enjoying hours of gaming with no recharging downtime.

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