HOCO S25 In-Car Gravity Mobile Phone Holder حامل هاتف للسيارات

Gravity Phone Holder - S25

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  • Weight

    0.16 kg

  • Dimensions

    15.8 × 11.7 × 4.4 cm

  • Brands


  • Mount

    A/C Vent

  • Compatibility

    4.5 inch – 6.5 inch Screen Phone

Product Description

Hoco’s gravity holder is a triangularly constructed design of three holder arms for better stability. It can be simply clamped to the air vents in place in less than a few seconds. It equipped with a gravity auto-lock for added safety to prevent your phones from even the slightest of movements once attached.

Single hand ease:

Do your need to pick up phone for a quick second or place your phone back while driving? This one’s for you. You can simply put your phone in place or take it just with a single hand with its smart lock and unlock feature.

Unobstructed air conditioning:

The Hoco S25 gravity car holder is in compact size. It also adopts an elevated neck that offers a 360⁰ rotation, thus posing no hindrance to your ventilation. The enhanced bumper will also ensure that your vents are not scratched too.

Compact size:

This holder is compact and efficient to not block your sight. It can be attached at any air vent even in front of the driver’s panels without any obstructions or inconvenience.

Aesthetic add-on:

The gravity holder fits the vibe of your car’s interiors seamlessly. And it comes with an elegant metal finish and an innovative design.

Anti-slip construction:

With gravity auto-lock feature and three directions gripping, it is impeccably reliable and makes it impossible for your phone to fall.

More About This Product

• Compatible with all air vents of any car and can be universally used to hold any mobile phone in place between  4.7 to 6.7 inches.

• Comes with an auto-lock feature that will hold your phone in place

• Design with protective silicone mats and thickened grip pad that will not scratch your phone even a little

• Case-friendly and you can simply use it without any hassle

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