Mobile Gaming Trigger (Silver) For PUBG, Free Fire, COD مشغل الألعاب

Gaming Trigger - OES-D-0002

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Product Description

Are you a serious gamer who just wants to take your accomplishments a level up? This trigger might be everything you need to shoot the marks a lot easier, faster and accurate.


Through capacitive conduction technology, this trigger is made for instant responses with absolutely no room for lags or delays as you enter some of the toughest fights in your gaming world.


supports most FPS games like PUBG, Free Fire & Call of Duty on supported devices and also helps during games like Fortnite, Survivor Royale, Knives Out, Critical ops, etc.

Simple plug and play

You can simply attach the accessory on top of your smartphone at the trigger positions and get to playing without having to put in much effort as you start. Easy to use on the go and you can simply take it off after usage.

Trigger clicks

The trigger makes a smooth and satisfying click with each touch as you fire it all out in the game. The body of the trigger is mostly transparent and thus takes a negligible amount of screen space for you to enjoy gaming at its best.


The bottom grip is made of a rubber element that is designed to firmly hold in place and does not fall off even with rough usage.

No screen damage

The trigger is built with premium design considerations to remain stable even during intense gaming sessions while also ensuring that it poses no harm to your smartphone screens!

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