2L Electric Food Chopper Processer Grinder Blender خلاط أكل الكهربائي


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  • Weight

    1.12 kg

  • Dimensions

    18.2 × 18.2 × 24.6 cm

  • Product Size

    H253x Ø180

  • Container Capacity

    2L / 8 Cup

  • Number of Blades

    4 Blades

  • Material

    Body: ABS, Blade: Stainless Steel

Product Description

Say goodbye to spending long hour chopping food and the soring wrist. This 2L electric food process is perfect for vegetable chopping, meat mincing and smoothie pureeing, enriching your dishes for your family. It only take 6-10 seconds to finish the task and free your hands from repeated chopping.

Effortless & Time Saving:

Much faster than cutting by hand; chop onions, slice salad ingredients, lean meats, mix sauces or puree soups etc.,   in only seconds. Please DO NOT continuously press the power button exceed 30 seconds at one time to prevent overheating.

Powerful Function:

The 2L container of this electric food process allow you to prepare ingredients for the family. 4 sharp stainless steel blades can process food evenly. Simply press the button to start the portable one-button operation.

Easy to Assemble & Use:

Insert the blade on the bottom of the container, seal the container with the cover and finally install motor on the top. In use, please add the food, meat or vegetable into the container before cover the container.

User-Friendly Design:

The container of the electric food process is easy to clean, there is anti-slippery rubber sticker on the bottom of the container for stable operation. High performance but low noise at 40db. The compact design doesn’t take up space of kitchen.


  • If the food is too large, please cut it into smaller pieces first. Please put in the right amount of food each time.
  • Each interval at least 2 minutes. Then keep the food process off until it cooling down to room temperature.
  • This is a CHOPPER, it crushes the food into mud, chops the food but does not break into pieces.
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