Dancing & TalkBack Plush Duck

Dancing & TalkBack Plush Duck - OES-K-0012

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Product Description

A duck that’s good to play with, great to talk to, and amazing to decorate your interior with. The duck looks extremely good and attractive that will be the best gift that you can get your toddler! The plush toy is built to listen, record, and repeat everything it is that you say.

No chance of swallowing:

The biggest problem with toys is how they sometimes come with smaller parts that are made of plastic or metal which the kids might swallow as they play if you’re not there to watch around. This plush is rather made of gentle soft-touch materials.

Gentle finish:

The plush is as soft as it can get. It is made with durable yet smooth materials that are great for the kids to touch, feel and play with. Being stuffed with ultrasoft elements that are dense and yet light in feeling, it is just perfect as any toy can get.

Easy maintenance:

The exterior fibers are all finished with a fine touch and are also designed to be dust-resistant in nature for easy dusting and washing to retain the color of the toy for longer periods of time.

Many utilities:

Coming with a touch of aesthetics, it can also be used as a table accessory or a decorative add-on to your existing outlook. It can suit kids of any age group with all the interactive features that it offer.

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