Dancing and TalkBack Plush Cactus with a cool hat

Dancing Talk Back Plush Cactus with Hat

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Product Description

The king of all plush toys is right here. A super-cool cactus that comes with a hat, great eyes, a funny smile, and an even more funnier voice. The Toy is designed for interaction and can record, replay and repeat after you in a funny tone. Wow, that sounds like everything right?

Gentle finish

The exterior of the plush toy is made with super soft materials that are very nice to hold, touch and play with. They are also designed to showcase a colorful vibrancy that can simply look great as a tabletop accessory on your work desk too!

Soft materials

It’s a far better toy alternative to heavy grade plastic toys that come with small metal pieces which can be a huge problem with toddlers if in case they swallow it by mistake. This soft toy is rather a better alternative. Brownie point? They can keep your kids busy with all the talking!

Durable quality

The toy is going to take it rough and tough. No matter how many blows you give their way, it’s going to simply stay. And the audio system that it comes along with it is also made with quality materials to last long.

Best play-time buddy

It repeats after you in funny voices, records the things you say, interacts, and keeps you completely hooked with every last thing it does.

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