Citrus Fruit Squeezer Manual Juicer عصارة الحمضيات

Citrus fruit sqeezer manual juicer - OES-H-0021

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    0.22 kg

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    22 × 11 × 9 cm

Product Description

Planning to buy a good citrus squeezer? Check out this Citrus Fruit Squeezer Manual Juicer that is an essential tool for your kitchen. Unlike most manual juicers that take a long time and too much effort, this citrus squeezer takes only a few seconds. You can also operate it using just one hand! Whenever you need some lemony freshness in your food or drinks, this handy little device makes your job super easy.

Never waste a drop

This Citrus Fruit Squeezer Manual Juicer is extremely efficient at getting all the juice out of citrus fruits such as lime, lemon, and orange. Squeezing these fruits by hand not only takes a lot of effort, but you may only end up with half of the juice that the fruits hold. This tool reduces effort significantly, and the pressure created by the device helps to juice the fruits completely.

Durable and reliable

The Citrus Fruit Squeezer Manual Juicer is made of premium quality and industry grade plastic that makes the tool super durable and strong. The paint used on this product is non-toxic and protected against the acidic nature of citrus.

Easy to use

There has never been a citrus squeezer that is easier to use than this Citrus Fruit Squeezer Manual Juicer! It takes only a few seconds, and all you have to do is cut a citrus in two halves, place one half into the squeezer, close the lid, and press. The juice will pour out and collect on the dish you place under it.

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