Chargeable Mini Fascial Massage Gun مسدس تدليك

Chargeable Mini Fascial massage gun - OES-B-0006

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Product Description

Need relief from muscle pain? If you experience body aches regularly, it is time you buy this Chargeable Mini Fascial Massage Gun. Designed to give deep-tissue massage by working the fascia, this massage gun is essential for anyone who is struggling to live comfortably due to chronic body pain.

Powerful technology

The Chargeable Mini Fascial Massage Gun is both quiet and powerful. It is fitted with advanced technology such as intelligent mute chip, high efficiency mute, and craftsman core drive. It also comes with short circuit overload protection for your safety. Other features include low noise vibration, High-speed noise reduction motor, and 3200 rpm high speed impact, frosted non-slip grip, 45db silent brushless motor, 32 vibration modes, and 4 interchangeable massage heads.

Key touch adjustment

The Chargeable Mini Fascial Massage Gun is easy to control and adjust. For speed change, you will find 4 gears, and the device also allows 4-gear vibration intensity adjustments. That means you can adjust the pressure and vibrations with just a touch of a button.

Deep-tissue massage

The Chargeable Mini Fascial Massage Gun is designed to work your sore muscles that tend to knot up and cause pain. Using this massager regularly can not only offer you pain relief, but it also improves blood circulation, which provides long-term benefits. This smart massager comes with intelligent timing protection that ensures you don’t use it for too long or too excessively.

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