6” LED Ring Light with Adjustable Colour Modes حلقة ضوء مع الستاند

Ring Light 6" with Stand - OES-D-0004

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Product Description

This handy ring light might be everything you need to make your lighting look better on the go. BE it anything from your vlogs, live streams, Tiktok, indoor shoots, videography, product shoots, or webinars, this one can simply give you that added touch of perfection with just the right amount of lighting as you wish for.

Make videos on the go

This one can be your perfect travel companion that absolutely takes no space and is easy to carry around because of its compact nature.

Uncompromised performance

Though the design is just 6”, the luminance that this one offers will definitely exceed expectations.

Adjustable colour modes

The ring light comes with multiple functionalities for you to make the best use of. You can choose between warm and cool modes since the range of temperature adjustments here is between 3400K to 5600K. You can also increase or decrease the brightness of the light as per your internal ambiance and use it at just the right setting by adjusting a mode or two that it comes with.

Flexible height adjustment stand

Also comes with a stand that you can adjust the height of and keep at desired levels to best suit your portrait shoots.

Durable accessory

Once you get on your hands on it, you need not worry about its replacement or the life. With decent usage, it’s just going to be with you for a long while before you even think of updating or upgrading!

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